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Purple Paw Hydro+ Hydrobath

Purple Paw Hydro+ Hydrobath

The Purple Paw Hydro+ Highback Hydrobath

The Purple Paw Hydro+ Highback model has a seperate water tank with heater and it connects to your water supply, such as a washing machine hook-up. This system automatically keeps resorvoir tank full and heats to a preset temperature.
It features a walk in tub with a back splash and is ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue. The hydrobath features a inbuilt filter bag system to collect hair, trash, etc. It also has easy access temperature adjustment and water pressure adjustment for those sensitive areas.

Measuring 48”Long x 30”Wide x 58”High. The resorvoir holding tank holds 40 Liters. The wash tank size holds 30 liters.

The Hydro+ is made of a high strength fiberglass construction. Features include: a walk in entry, Inbuilt filtration system for collection of hair and debris, hot and cold water hookup and restraining points on inside back of the hydrobath.


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